Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Feature :: Only in Japan!

so i wanted to start my first feature on this blog which i will try and do weekly..

::short story first::

..when the Japanese little league team to the United States for the Little League World Series (which i love to watch every year but its always sooo sad when a team loses and all the little boys start crying!!! i always cry too.) a reporter from ESPN was asking them if they liked American food. One little boy said that had tried mashed potatoes for the first time and he HATED them…

Now being an American, this seems like a travesty!! who doesn’t like mash potatoes.. so warm, soft, & fluffy.. with garlic and butter even better! yummm! how could anyone not just gobble these up in a heart beat..


My point being that obviously there is vast differences in tastes and preferences between our two nations.  so i thought i would feature a weekly ad and/or food product from Japan that is relevant, probably only in Japan…


  1. Sounds interesting, I'm looking forward to reading more of these features :)