Sunday, July 18, 2010

Personal :: blah blah blah

Sooooo.. currently I am procrastinating on a resume project for my Communications class... we have to format our resumes to the job we want to apply for after we graduate, write a letter of reference about ourselves and interview someone we think has our dream job... I said I as going to apply for the JET programme, and the person I interviewed was Koichi from Tofugu & Textfugu... While these are both things that really interest me.. ... obviously im distracted. lol

anyways i have cool ideas for some upcoming posts.. i dont know much about any japanese celebs so i was thinking of highlighting a few...and i really want an issue of Happie Nuts Magazine so maybe I will do a review and where i buy my magazines... i dunnooo. we'll see i guess...

so this post was kinda of pointless but oh well... im being productive in some way right?
hahaha :: back to work now...... =)


  1. Good luck with the resume , cover letter, etc. Hope you get a JET position in RL. :-)

  2. After havimg read yoir post above, i happened to be in a book store this afternoon and remembered you wanted a copy of Nuts, so I picked up the September issue for you. Email me ( with what name and address you want me to send it to, and I'll send it off. :-)

  3. omg. wow!! that is super nice of you!!!! yay im soo excited now =)

  4. Ah what kind of Japanese celebs are you looking into, musicians, models or actors? I can give you some names and some titles of magazines you might like :3

    Good luck with your communications class!

  5. Ola =)

    well good luck with the resume n__n!
    And that idea's are great!
    waiting ^^

    bye bye

  6. awe thanks!! yeah i just turned that project in today so hopefully i did well on it! i get it back next week...

    tanna :: really?? i wasnt really sure and was gonna start from scratch but if you kno what magazines i should be readin/lookin at i would love to knooo