Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Japanfest 2010

Okay so im pretty wiped out (with school and work.. basically life in general) but i really wanted to share this... today i put in for some days off and one of the dates i am requesting off is September 18/19th for Japanfest!!!

i know that might seem like a long way off but i really want to go again this year and its never too early to start making plans..

so you might be wondering Japanfest.. huh? basically its just what it says, a festival (two days) dedicated solely to everything Japanese. Last year was my first year going and i must say i was pretty suprised how much i liked it!! they have food, stages, and sooo many different booths with items such as magazines/books to sake tastings and travel information..

since i live in a small town i am thankful that atlanta can offer something like this... also Japanfest is the same weekend as Anime Weekend Atlanta. I have never been to that tho.. its a bit pricey but is supposed to have some pretty awesome booths and things... we'll see how everything pans out..


  1. this looks fun! the kimonos looks so nice. i want a kimonoooo!

  2. yeahhh! its so funn... they even have booths were they will dress you up in a kimono and/or a geisha and take your picture. i was too chicken last time to do it

  3. Ahh the kimonos are so pretty!! :D

  4. Really cool! Kimonos are too pretty =D

  5. Is nice to see that Japanese culture is being shared there. :-) Good luck with the Japanese study.

  6. Oh~ Japan Fest~!

    ( ^ o ^ )/

    Yeah. I kind of understand the feeling of wishing to try out the yukata, but sort of too embarrassed to do so... fuu~

    Uhh~~ I am so thrilled to go to Bon Odori Matsuri this weekend, after reading this post. :)

  7. oohh! you have to take pictures and make a post about bout it!

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